Customer Guide- Sizing, servings, gifting, storage and packaging.

All of our products are sold by volume. 
It's simple, 1 cup= 1 serving.

Looking for the perfect gift? Our 10 cup size comes in a solid gold foil bag that is perfect for the holiday season as well as year round gift giving. Our 28 cup bag comes in the same style package.

Wanting to consolidate boxes for gift giving or shipping purposes?

3 of our 10 cup packages fit very nicely into one large box.

2 of our 5.5 cup packages are cozy in a single box as well. 


All of our packaging is very high quality to protect the product's freshness. 


Please enjoy our products in a low humidity environment, do not heat. Ideal storage is sealed, 65-70 degrees F.



Planning an event, wedding or birthday party? From Custom Packaging, Custom Labels, Popcorn Bars to Large Bulk Quantities, we have a solution for your every need! Let us know what you need, we'll make it work!  Your guests will love our products!

We're flexible! How can we serve you best?