Yikes! Covid-19!

Yikes! Covid-19!

    2020 Came in like a lion! Unfortunately, there are many falling ill to Covid-19, even worse some will pass. Our condolences to those who have lost friends and family. May they rest in peace.

    We know there is no replacement for lost loved ones. Sometimes the little things in life make it easier to cope.

    We want to be a bright spot in your day! How often do you hear people say how nice it would be just to go to work? You're trapped inside and need an excellent snack that will make the corona blues...

Valentine's day 2019

Last year's Valentine's day was a huge success. After trying to keep up and deliver everything on time, we thought it would be better if we did this promotion in order to be sure everything is perfect. Check out our Valentine's special. You deserve the best.

Thank you Charlotte, NC for being a great place to do business! We're here to serve you.